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What better way to remind yourself to decontaminate your hands than our Last Line Of Cancer Defense wristbands?  It’s been proven that one of the major areas of contamination from structure fires are the hands.  Use our wristbands as a reminder to wash and scrubs your hands before you eat, drink, and wipe your face with dirty and toxic hands contaminated from fire suppression efforts.  10% of the proceeds from our wristbands sales will be donated to the Fire Service Occupational Cancer Alliance.  Plus they glow in the dark.

Sold in sets of 2

For every item purchased from our website we will donate $1 to Next Rung in addition to our monthly sponsorship.

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Studies show that our hands are a crucial point of contamination due to products of combustion while working on the fire scene.  Ingestion and absorption are just a couple of routes we can expose our bodies to carcinogens and toxic chemicals.  This happens when we do not decontaminate our hands before we put them around our eyes and mouth. This is why its imperative to clean our hands and we hope our wristbands can help remind firefighters to do just that.  We also decided to add glow in the dark ink to the print because why not…?

Sold in sets of 2

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