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Here at Last Line of Cancer Defense we recognize the epidemic of cancer sweeping across the fire service. As of right now 47% of all firefighters will be diagnosed with some form of cancer at least once in their career and/or their time after they’ve retired or walked away from the fire service. We want to contribute to lowering that number by offering education, products, and services to prevent and lessen our exposure to harmful carcinogens and toxins that eventually can lead to cancer and other illnesses.

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Education and training is the cornerstone of the fire service. We provide information about cancer research and prevention through our blog and our consultation services which includes a review of current policies, equipment, and stations to help give the governing entity valuable insight and information on what changes can be made and what equipment can be used to keep firefighters safer and healthier.

Our products have been designed by full-time firefighters over years of rigorous research and development with prevention as the number one priority. We have also partnered with industry leading companies to offer top tier merchandise and services that have been tried and tested by the fire service to be top quality products backed by extremely knowledgeable people.

The fire service is more than just a community to us. We are all family and it’s very important that we all leave the service better than we found it. Last Line of Cancer Defense wants to do just that through our Jay Watson Scholarship Fund for perspective fire academy students, as well as, donating products to Volunteer Fire Departments. We know Volunteer Departments work hard with very little and we all should assist in their valiant endeavor to protect their communities.