Last Line Gross Decon Sprayer Kit


Last Line Gross Decon Sprayer Kits offer on scene Preliminary Exposure Reduction to remove contamination from turnout gear before doffing to help decrease carcinogen and toxin exposure.    Each sprayer kit contains:

  • 1 – Reservoir Sprayer
  • 1 – 2 1/2″ FIPT x 3/4″ MGTH Adapter
  • Hose Case
    • 50′ Industrial Grade Expandable Hose with all brass fittings, double inner jacket rated at 175psi
    • Multi Function Nozzle Sprayer

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On scene decontamination mitigation via Preliminary Exposure Reduction is crucial to cancer prevention in the fire service.  Taking the steps and time to decontaminate turnout gear, equipment, apparatuses, and most importantly the FIREFIGHTERS themselves will drastically have an impact on health and equipment longevity.  This is why we offer our decontaminate kits to give a quick and easy way to have the right cleaners on scene to use as well as to store. On page 20 of this study listed in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene, test results have proven that the on scene wet-soap decon method was clearly the most effective at removing surface contamination, providing a median reduction in PAH levels of 85%. Our sprayer kit allows for wet decontamination of turnout gear with the addition of detergent such as Citrosqueeze for a better removal of particulates and debris, as well as, breaking the surface tension of water.  The multi function nozzle sprayer can be used to rinse off detergent and to decontaminate tools and equipment.


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